Prospective Graduate Students
Dr. T is taking graduate students for the 2018-2019 admission cycle. Please send Dr. T an email outlining your research interests and attach a copy of your CV.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities
The DiSH Lab's active studies are currently fully staffed for Spring 2018. Please check back to see if we are recruiting for Summer 2018.

Summer Intensive Program 2018
The DiSH Lab is offering an exciting summer intensive course for underrepresented students who are currently enrolled in 2-year and community colleges! This summer intensive course will take place from June 18th to June 29th, 10 am – 6 pm weekdays, and is intended to provide research experience and career development training to underrepresented undergraduates who wish to gain experience in hands-on psychology research.

Each day has 5 distinct hour-long modules: (1) a seminar-type lab meeting; (2) a research skills workshop; (3) a career development workshop; (4) dedicated time to work on a study proposal; and (5) dedicated time for writing. Students will spend 2 additional hours per day shadowing trained research assistants as they run participants in ongoing studies or performing other lab tasks. The table below displays the topics for the research and career modules.

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Students currently enrolled in a 4-year college are NOT eligible to apply. It is an 8 hour/day commitment for two weeks and a $500 stipend will be provided. Applications for summer 2018 are now closed. Please check back for information on how to apply for summer 2019.

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Honors Theses/Independent Projects
You must work as a research assistant for at least 3 quarters to be eligible to conduct an honors thesis or independent project in the lab with Dr. T.

Letters of Recommendation
Click here to find out more about how to request a letter of recommendation from Dr. T.

Stress and Health Study
The DiSH Lab is looking for individuals who identify as Latino/a or African-American to participate in a study investigating how stress affects health. Participants will be asked to provide saliva samples, complete questionnaires, and consume food. Participants must be 18 years or older, and this study requires one visit to the UCLA campus.

Eligible participants will be compensated up to $50 for participation, plus compensation for parking or public transportation to UCLA.

If you're interested in participating, you can email us at for more information.